Terribly sorry for the absence of spectacular content here, we would love to save the world, but we're currently busy saving other important stuff.

But, you know, maybe we won't need to save the world. And maybe saving the world won't even require a plan. Or maybe someone is already executing a plan.

There's a high risk that we're currently heading for a major oil crisis. Chaos in the Middle East may reduce the availability of cheap oil, which had been stagnating for a number of years anyway (the so-called "bumpy plateau" phase). And no cheap oil, means no cheap food.

This means a lot of human misery is coming. Which is bad. But it also means that:
1) world population growth may slow down faster than expected
2) finding solutions for the end of cheap oil (that most of the world has been in denial about) will probably become a priority now, which could mean that the development of durable solutions will be spectacularly accelerated... a great alternative to the scenario in which precious time is lost until one day oil production starts dropping so fast that the world has no time to adapt and our society falls apart in the most gruesome way.

Let us hope that circumstances will make mankind do what's necessary to save the planet.
And that suffering will be minimal and help avoid much bigger future suffering.